The 5 Best Spring Activities for Families

The spring season offers an escape route for families who've been trapped indoors all winter. Celebrate springtime together with activities that help you transition from the world of snowmen to sandcastles. Find the best spring season activities for families and get outside today.

1. Reconnect With Nature

Kids spend most of their winter looking at nature through the window. Spring season is the first chance of the year for kids to get outdoors and experience it firsthand. Let them feel the earth in between their fingers as they plant a garden
. Invite the bugs over with an insect watering hole. Reconnect with Mother Nature now that she's turned off the snow and turned up the temperature.

2. Take a walk

We take a simple walk for granted until it's too cold outside to stroll around the block. Put your non-walkers in a stroller, and lace up the tennis shoes on everyone else. Walking is not only good for all of you, but it's also an adventure. Kids can collect leaves, rocks, and sticks for DIY projects, carry a tape recorder to discover new sounds or play walking games.

3. Plan a picnic

Lunch at the table again? Pack up that food for a picnic instead. The kids won't object. Just grab your blanket for a picnic in the park or in your backyard. With so many picnic food choices, you have plenty of options to fill your picnic basket every day of the week. And if ants show up as uninvited guests, use their appearance to teach your kids about different ant species.

4. Make a bird house together

Your feathered friends are on their way back from their winter trip south. Let the kids don their hard hats to build a birdhouse. Open a diner nearby when the kids create a bagel bird feeder Get ready to attract variety of birds to this hopping new neighborhood.

5. Choose a summer camp

Thinking of summer fun when the ground's not completely thawed seems premature. But camps are already filling their summer sessions. Register now to secure your child's spot at the summer camp of his choice. Talk with your child about where he might like to go for a day or overnight camp. Whether he wants to go to academic camp or adventure camp, letting him be involved in the decision making will turn him into an eager camper as the summer months approach. The benefit for you is the added savings.